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Diet Matchmaker will help you find a Food Management Strategy that will fit your lifestyle to meet your weight loss goals.

People start weight loss programs everyday.  How many times have you started only to quit a few days or weeks after starting.   Choosing fads or quick fixes will never be a long term solutions.  

Choosing tools that fit into your lifestyle will make sticking to a diet easier.  To make successful long term changes for your health, you need to be consistent.  You don't have to be perfect all the time, but persistence and consistence is key.  Don't you want to jump off of the gain/loss cycle and make significant changes?  Each Food Management Strategy is a set of tools that are designed to help you manage how much you are eating.   

Diet Matchmaker asks the right questions to help you choose a Food Management Strategy that can improve your chances of successfully losing weight.


Why the right Food Management Strategy (FMS) is important

A Food Management Strategy (FMS) is a set of tools/rules that will help manage how much you eat, with the goal of eating less than your body needs, so that you lose weight. 

Losing weight is scary and hard; you will have to make changes, make sacrifices, and be uncomfortable, but you will get back so much more of yourself during the process. Having the right FMS is not a guarantee that you will be successful, but it can make those changes to your diet a little easier to stick with. Just because you were not successful with the latest, coolest fad diet out there does not me you are a failure. It means it may have been the wrong Food Management Strategy (FMS) for you.


There are seven Food Management Strategies, even though the tools are different, they all work on the principle of eating less food than your body needs. While there can be other factors that effect weight, eating less than you need is the most important. Managing how much you eat is the most difficult part of losing weight. That is why knowing which Food Management Strategy matches your lifestyle is important. We are all unique, we have different backgrounds, experiences, tastes and preferences.  Doesn't it make sense that we would have success in multiply ways. Our goal of weight loss may all be similar, but we may each have success taking different paths.  If the Food Management Strategy you choose fits easier into you your lifestyle, you will be more consistent and get better results. 

Trying to lose weight by its nature is restrictive.  You have to manage how much food you eat, however food choice can be either restrictive or flexible.  If a Food Management Strategy limits food choice, it is restrictive.  Menu Diets, Macro Restrictions (Low Carb), and Volume are all restrictive Food Management Strategies.  Counting Calories, Tracking Macros, Portion Control and Timing are all have more flexibility in food choices.  Some people need restrictions and rules to help them succeed, they get overwhelmed by too many options.  Others need flexibility, they feel trapped by rules.  Which type of person are you?


Food Management Strategies are not exclusive, it would not be unusual for people to combine strategies. The real key is finding what works best for you. It is okay to take some tools from one strategy and combine them with a different strategy. For example Tracking Macros and Volume could both be done as a stand alone strategies or you could combine tools from both and be successful. You will find what works best for you through trial and error. This requires patience and grit. You may also find that you need to change strategies the closer you get to your goals. Understanding the tools you are using to lose weight, will allow you to develop your own unique path to success. Don’t allow yourself to be locked into one path. You have options, use them.

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