Hi I'm Lisa Wick


I have lost over 130 lbs and kept it off, so I know exactly how It feels to be desperate to change. 

My path to success has been a bumpy ride. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, and accountant.  Over the years I prioritized every thing but me. Sound familiar?  I found myself at 43 morbidly obese with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and borderline diabetic.   I could not walk up a flight of stair, tie my shoes or shave my legs without running out of breath.  I was slowly killing myself.  The truth is I had never really been healthy, I was always a little chubby when I was young and the pounds just kept piling on over the years. 

During those years I did a lot of yo-yo dieting, I would try the latest fad, lose 10 lbs then gain 15 back.  I bought pills, shakes, wraps, detoxes and cleanses, all I did was lose money. None of those things were a real solution that lead to a life long change.  I finally said enough is enough and committed to finding a way to make permanent changes and take my life back. 

Let me match you!

I found the right Food Management Strategy for me, and I can help find the right strategy for you.