Counting Calories


What is Counting Calories?

Counting calories is probably the most common weight loss strategy. It involves keeping track of how many calories you eat in a day, with the goal of eating less than your body needs so that you lose weight. Counting calories is usually done through an App, and uses volume measurements (cups, tablespoons, etc) to measure food. This method is not as accurate as weighing food. 

Tools used to manage food

Tracking App

Measuring Tools for Volume (Cups, Spoons, etc)

Who would have success with this FMS?

  • Someone who has to cook for a family
  • Someone that likes moderation
  • Someone that needs to have the freedom to choose foods

Who would struggle with this FMS?

  • Someone that struggles when faced with too many choices
  • Someone that gets overwhelmed with too many details

Ready to get started?


The Getting Started Guideline, will help you take the first steps.  If you have more questions after reading the guide below be sure to join the closed Facebook group, 

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Diet Matchmaker Calorie Counting Getting Started Guide (pdf)