Portion Control


What is Portion Control?

The Portion Control FMS does not count calories directly, instead tries to control how much you eat by using visual or physical cues to limit food. There can be a lot of variability with this FMS depending on food selection.  This strategy will work well if you have a lot to lose.  Some people may have to switch to a different strategy once you get close to your goal.  The visual cues from this strategy is also what you should target to use once you reach your goals and are ready to maintain your weight loss, after all no one wants to weigh or restrict food for the rest of their life.  Learning to transition to this strategy after weight loss will be a key to long term success.

Tools used to manage food

Visual Cues - Plate size, comparison to your palm, fist or thumb

Physical Cues - Containers

Hunger Cues

Who would have success with this FMS?

  • Someone with a lot of weight to lose
  • Someone who feels trapped by restrictions
  • Someone who travels frequently
  • Someone who struggles with details

Who would struggle with this FMS?

  • Someone who is really close to their goal - There can be a lot of variability with calorie consumption based on food choices.  For someone close to their goals they may feel like they are gaining and losing the same few pounds over and over.
  • Someone who is overwhelmed by too many choices

Ready to get started?

 The Getting Started Guideline, will help you take the first steps.  If you have more questions after reading the guide below be sure to join the closed Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/726377817887109/  we can answer any questions you still have there.  

Download the file now and start changing your life.  

Diet Matchmaker Portion Control Getting Started Guide (pdf)