Food Management Strategies

What is an FMS?

There are seven Food Management Strategies (FMS).  All are focused on eating less than your body needs so that you can lose weight.  Each strategy uses different tools to manage how much you eat.  Choosing a strategy that fits into your lifestyle will improve your adherence and success.


Flexible Strategies

Counting Calories

This is the most common FMS, It involves measuring and tracking food to a specific calorie target each day.  

Tracking Macros

This FMS focuses on weighing and tracking food to a specific calorie target that is broken down between protein, carbs and fats.  

Portion Control

This FMS manages portion sizes through visual or physical cues.


This FMS limits eating to a specific window of time.  

Restrictive Strategies

Macro Restriction (Low Carb)

This FMS works based on restricting certain foods, specifically high calorie carbohydrates.  

Menu Diets

This FMS provides meal plans to guide eating.  Typically these diets are low calorie and usually low fat.  


This FMS targets eating foods that are very low in calories, so that you can eat large portions.  Specifically low calorie vegetables.