What is Timing?

A timing diet gives you specific eating windows. It controls calories by limiting when you eat. There are two different types of timing diets: intermittent fasting and long term fasting. Intermittent fasting focuses on a daily eating window. Longer term fasting extends beyond 24 hours, longer fasts should be supervised by a medical professional.  This strategy is associated with a lot of dubious claims of health benefits, however the weight loss is driven by how much you eat, restricting when you eat is a great simple tool to manage how much you eat. 

Tools used to manage food

Defined Eating Window

Who would have success with this FMS?

  • Someone who does not have a consistent breaks with their profession or has snacks available all day like nurses, teachers, truck drivers, factory workers, correctional officers.  Timing diets can help manage snacking.  
  • Someone that does not like to eat breakfast
  •  Someone that feels trapped if they have to follow food restrictions
  • Someone that travels frequently 

Who would struggle with this FMS?

  • SAHMs that have to cook for their kids
  • Someone with extremely physical jobs, like loggers, roofers, or landscapers 
  • Someone that is hungry all the time
  •  Some one who is overwhelmed by details or math
  • Some one who struggles when faced with too many food choices

Ready to get started?

 The Getting Started Guideline, will help you take the first steps.  If you have more questions after reading the guide below be sure to join the closed Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/726377817887109/  We can answer any questions you still have there.


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