What is Volume?

Volume eating is choosing the lower calorie options for each food group. It relies heavily on low calorie vegetables to make up the volume of food that you eat. The concept controls calories by eating large quantities of low calorie vegetables to fill your stomach. The goal is to help control hunger and improve adherence. It controls calories by limiting food options. 

Tools used to manage food

Low Calorie Vegetables

Who would have success with this FMS?

  •  Someone that has a huge appetite
  • Someone that tends to fail with traditional low calorie diets due to uncontrollable hunger
  • Someone who loves vegetables

Who would struggle with this FMS?

  •  Someone with a small appetite
  • Someone who is a very picky eater
  • Someone who has had weight loss surgery

Ready to get started?

 The Getting Started Guideline, will help you take the first steps.  If you have more questions after reading the guide below be sure to join the closed Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/726377817887109/  We can answer any questions you still have there.

Download the file now and start changing your life. 

Diet Matchmaker Volume Getting Started Guide (pdf)